Every land project is unique so if you have any questions contact us today to speak with our dedicated Land Team.

1. Agreement

The first step is to contact us with details of your land so that we can carry out an initial desk-based evaluation followed by a site meeting.

If there is suitable potential we will explain our services and prepare a customised Legal Agreement outlining our offer and detailing what you will achieve from your land sale.  Once the Agreement is signed by both parties we can start working to unlock your land’s value for you.

2. Planning Application

In most instances we submit a planning application within four to six months of us signing our agreement although this can vary due to factors such as location, national and local policies and size of site for instance.  Every project is unique.

Before an application is submitted our Land Team, and specialist consultants, will carry out a number of specific surveys and reports to be submitted as part of the planning application.  These include:

Community Engagement. We provide a statement detailing how we have engaged with the local community and how we have addressed its needs.

Bespoke Technical Reports. These include matters such as Ecology, Landscape, Highways, Archaeology, Heritage and Drainage.  They are tailored to your project and will be in line with the local Council’s planning requirements.

Architectural Drawings. These include location, indicative layout and context plans, design and access statements and street scene elevations.

Planning Statement. Our qualified Planning Consultants prepare this detailed and comprehensive statement to accompany & support the Planning Application.

3. Appeals Process

We have an excellent record of obtaining planning consents at Local Authority level however, for various reasons and in rare cases, this is not always possible.

We certainly don’t see a refusal as being the end of the road.  In fact far from it.  Our land team are extremely knowledgeable of the appeals process and have a respected record of overturning decisions and achieving permissions from the government’s independent Planning Inspectorate.

4. Permission & Sale

Once we have secured a planning permission the value of your land will be realised by way of a sale either to Fairfax or another party depending on our agreement with you.

We have excellent relationships with the most well regarded housebuilders in the UK and will ensure that the sales process is quick, stress-free and that you will obtain the highest value.

If you have land available contact us today to speak with our dedicated Land Team.