Fairfax “Building Young Futures” has generously supported Oathall School farm in 2019/20. The donated money has made a significant impact to improving the farm facilities, to be enjoyed and used by students from all year groups. Students develop a wide range of work, social and life skills whilst working on the farm and the money ensures our unique resource has been enhanced.  This helps to develop confidence, self esteem and a wide range of interpersonal skills. The Building Young Futures initiative, set up by Fairfax, is helping to advance the life opportunities in the local Community. Oathall students have benefited with an outdoor learning hub to develop skills through the Forest Schools style of learning, with an activity week planned for summer 2021. This will be a fantastic opportunity for local students to enjoy a week of fun and challenging activities, all provided by Fairfax. Mr Blackholly, Head of Farm, on behalf of Oathall Community College would like to thank The Building Young Futures initiative for their generous support . He would also like to thank Mr Peter Chisholm MBE for making it happen. We are looking forward to inviting him and representatives back to see how the money has helped to transform young lives